What is it? ?

What isn't it?

How much and why so much?

*Note leaving the downtown P-Town radius(53156) will add a buck per mile round-trip (time/tires/petrol/oil/brakes/smokes) to the gig-spot.

So 50 miles to da gig location? There will be a Benjamin(100 bux) added to da bill, can you dig it?


Call 262-495-BRAG(2724) and/or text (414)531-HELP(4357).  Or E-Mail: DigitalParty@yahoo.com


Dim Const MCbSoftwareEngineer as Boolean = TRUE

    'Secret programming to let PLC HMI Robotics peeps know I do Industrial Controls and Integration with business systems.

    'Call 414-531-HELP(4357) for more info.